Alien X

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Rath vs. Alien X

Alien X vs. Professor Paradox



Professor Paradox


Forge of Creation

Alien X battled Rath in ERBOA 1, and Professor Paradox in ERBOA 26.

Information on the RapperEdit

Alien X is a Celestialsapien (celestial referring to a supernatural being and sapien from the Latin wise), native to their Forge of Creation, their birthplace, outside the known Universe, hidden from everyone aside, except Paradox and who possess the Map of Infinity. Celestialsapiens have black bodies resembling space with tiny white stars, and a white shadow and white hands. They have the power of basically everything, with Paradox even calling them omnipotent. Though all powerful, each Celestialsapien is normally inactive state of internal debate due to two conflicting personalities: Bellicus, the voice of rage and aggression, and Serena, the voice of love and compassion. As Serena and Bellicus have been arguing for eternity, all Celestialsapiens normally remains still for long periods of time. Though the two are usually unable to agree on anything, the two personas do make some exceptions. One being a mutual hatred for Paradox though they exist on the condition that he stays "500 light years" far from them, or any Celestialsapien. But newly Ben is the 3rd, the voice of reason.


Vs. RathEdit

Verse 1

Seconded. Beating Appoplexian in battle motion carried.

Just trust me, dude, your chances of being used looks warry.

Rath of Alien X. Thats this battles name.

You don't think it's fair that it's already claimed.

Plotting against you isn't even fun.

I believe Gwen used a spell to keep your brain on stun.

Vs. Professor ParadoxEdit

Verse 1

Beat Professor Paradox by rap?

Seconded. Your mother's waiting for you, she should give you a slap.

Motion carried, kicking the Doctor Who parody into the blue.

One by one, I'm coming for you,

and you can't run.

Alien X can have your powers too, you runt.

This rap of mine should teach you a lesson,

never too mess with Alien X, seconded.

Verse 2

Not so fast. You cannot escape,

your gayness can be seen even from outer space!

Don't run clever one, you are denied.

Now I will not lie, your raps are so rotten they make people die!

You're worse than Rath, who I defeated earlier, your death with be worse than his bloody murder.