Alien X vs. Paradox
Rap Album 5, Rap Battle1
Air date May 20, 2013
Written by EpicRory
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Alien X vs. Professor Paradox is the first rap battle in the fifth season, and is the stwenty-sixth rap battle overall. It aired on May 20th, 2013.


  • Alien X
  • Professor Paradox



Ah, Alien X, the overpowered ruler or the known universe, My raps are awesome, yours are worse, I'm so good I'll spit you into the next verse! You're a creature with a long and dangerous future, for the Professor's sick raps, there is no cure! I've seen weaker aliens than you kick more butt, I'm gonna rip out your organs, liver and your guts!

Alien XEdit

Beat Professor Paradox by rap? Seconded. Your mother's waiting for you, she should give you a slap. Motion carried, kicking the Doctor Who parody into the blue. One by one, I'm coming for you, and you can't run. Alien X can have your powers too, you runt. This rap of mine should teach you a lesson, never too mess with Alien X, seconded.


Your raps have no meaning to me, or you! I'm still gonna beat you, anywho! This 'Time Lord' parody has the same powers, but I can rap better than your little entities, yes, go cower. All of time, you're the suckiest one, well, I have to head back to London.

Alien XEdit

Not so fast. You cannot escape, your gayness can be seen even from outer space! Don't run clever one, you are denied. Now I will not lie, your raps are so rotten they make people die! You're worse than Rath, who I defeated earlier, your death with be worse than his bloody murder.