Ben vs. Ben
Rap Album 5, Rap Battle7
Air date May 25, 2013
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Ben vs. Ben is the seventh rap battle in the fifth season, and is the thirty-second battle overall. It aired on May 25, 2013.


  • Ben
  • Ben
  • Albedo



Oh come on, why am I rapping to this? My past self, is a whelp, a big sore loser. I feel sorry for this bloody murder, 10 year old, you should find a shelter! I've been facing even more dangerous enemies, beware, cause you, yourself is gonna get so scared.  I'm gonna whack you, right in the head! I got LOUD ECHO ECHO GREEN AND HOT SWAMPFIRE! FROSTY BIG CHILL! AND JETRAY, HE'S RED!


It's Ben 10 here, the original guy, my fans think your Ultimate Force was a big lie! The makers got bored with your design, they killed you off and gave you new lines! I'm back, from the past, defeating everyone, screw you! The enemies are as dangerous as your raps are poo! It's hero time! Don't you have some catchphrases? Just go on with your show, Chowder's next -Stop raging! I'll kick your butt so much it'll hurt, your Big Chill, Fasttrack, are copying, it's the Worst! You have no tiny aliens, It's overpowered! Let's show you I got, BURNING HEATBLAST! STRONG FOURARMS! LIGHTNING-SPEED XLR8! AND STINKFLY, BUT YOU'RE THE ONE THAT ROTS!


I'll show you what I got, but you suck! A midget hypnotist? A clown? An animal man? I'll throw you into the air, damn you! Suck! This battle is all about me, not you. Just copy my moves and I'll show you what to do. Just kidding! I'll leave you here to rot! Everybody obviously knows a 10-year old can fight, NOT. I'll show you how talented 15-year olds can be, because you call yourself a hero, but I fight real villainy.


Aw man, come on! Just an Asian with a pink jacket is who you're drawn. I shouldn't be rapping against you, because I'll just make you look like a fool! Come on, man? I'll beat you in the pants! Cause 10 is how it all began!

(In the midst of the outro, the announcer is interrupted)


I'm coming, Tennyson...


  • This is the first battle to have two of the same person from different times rap each other.