Big Chill vs. Echo Echo
Rap Album 4, Rap Battle2
Big Chill vs. Echo Echo
Air date October 25, 2012
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Big Chill vs. Echo Echo is the second rap battle in the fourth season, and the twentieth battle overall. It aired on October 25, 2012.


  • Big Chill
  • Echo Echo


Echo EchoEdit

Omnitrix on the waist line, you wasted it. It's like your symbol had enough of your chest tastin it. You made people scream when you came on GC. The only games of you they play are set to easy. You are big and blue, but sure not bad. You ain't got nothin that'll make me feel sad.

Big ChillEdit

You think you're cool just cause you're Ben's Alien Force fave? Once I'm done, you'll be wishin for a grave. Your first reappearance was accidental, and later Swampfire will make you feel something not quite gentle. Why are you still here, you think you can win? You're just as desperate as the halogens.

Echo EchoEdit

Bringing up elements, really? You're breath don't even make me feel chilly. Wall of sound will bring you down, and by the way, those things around your eyes make you look like a clown.

Big ChillEdit

I'd like to see your puny wall try. I already told you, my win will make you want to die. You know, that Omnitrix placement and waist circle remind me of Ditto. Makes your more like a copy than a Alien Force neato.