I'm ChamAlien and you are not a hero.

(He's ChamAlien, and Jury Rigg is not a hero)

You just make machines, have a usage of zero.

(Jury Rigg makes machines, which ChamAlien sees as a zero usage)

We have been used an equal amount of times, but I am better.

(In Ultimate Alien, after The Eggman Cometh to The Ultimate Enemy Part 1, Jury Rigg and ChamAlien were both used 3 times. ChamAlien says that, despite this, he is better)

You couldn't even open up a letter.

(Jury Rigg couldn't open up a letter. Nuff said)

Disappear so you can't see me and lose this battle.

(Being a chameleon alien, ChamAlien can turn invisible. And without seeing him, Jury Rigg will lose)

Sting you so bad just like you are part of a cattle.

(Another one of ChamAlien's powers is a stinger that comes from his tail. ChamAlien will use it like a cattle prog on Jury Rigg)

Jury RiggEdit

Break break break. Fix fix fix.

(Two common things Jury Rigg says)

You couldn't even beat a battle 'gainst SixSix.

(SixSix is one of the easier villains to defeat. Jury Rigg is saying ChamAlien can't even fight against him)

I create mechanical mayhem.

(He does)

You are scared of villians so you disappear from them.

(He does)

You are so weak, even I give you pitty.

(He is, he does)

You might hide like a ninja, but you fight like a kitty!

(He does, he does)


I don't gotta fight.

(He doesn't)

I disappear and give you plight.

(He does)

You talk alot of trash but let me tell you somethin.

(Let him tell him something)

I'm gonna beat you so bad, just like I'm makin you malfunction.


Jury RiggEdit

I'm servin up a gremlin fist made to order!

(He is)

I am bein the gremlin of this rap horror!

(He am)

I've been droppin Jury-Rigged bombs since I started this song!

(He have)

Sorry, ChamAlien, this time ya chose WRONG!

(He chose wrong. Sorry)