ChamAlien vs. Jury Rigg feat. Upgrade
Rap Album 3, Rap Battle4
Air date June 29, 2012
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ChamAlien vs. Jury Rigg feat. Upgrade is the fourth battle of the third season, the fifteenth battle overall, and is a sequel to ChamAlien vs. Jury Rigg.


  • ChamAlien
  • Jury Rigg
  • Upgrade


Jury RiggEdit

I'm gonna step right in, who is this? Not so scary he can't even hiss. I know I am not big, but I got the brains to rig. I need to bring up the basic things! Why did Ben have to  get you by scanning a guy in couplings?


You stupid gremlin, with your pointy ears and devil tail. I come at you with a tail stinger, too big for your own little red toenails! DEMON! You got no chance in life. I will make sure you die with Annoying Orange's knife! Combine your little brains and you still won't win. But you will get squashed by plumpkin!

Jury RiggEdit

Ben uses the powers of you to try to away from fan-attics. Ben uses the powers of me to pay his taxes so he could be the relaxest.


But Rigg, you steal all the credit for work that Ben thinks to do. Did your fat gremlin nose write these raps for you too?

Jury RiggEdit

Let's talk about these raps. I've seen a few. I got some powers and they aren't for you. I am better than Upgrade you can never stop me. Now watch me leave and you will scream like a banshee.


Fine! Be like that? Leave then! A bunch of fans loved you. Again and again. But I'm alone now with nothing but Fasttrack and Wildmutt. And together we will kick all enemies butts! I'm a boss, cause chaos! Your future looks dark to me! I'm a god, though not clawed. No one can stop me! Not even ACME!


I'm sorry ChamAlien. You cannot do that. Take a look at what you used to be. Even now you still act pathetically. You really just don't impress me. After this battle you will be achy. I stomp on gremlins and Merlinisapiens too. Your gonna get crushed, just like Way Big told you.


  • This is the first battle to have someone join in.
  • This battle's lyrics are based on the twenty-first Epic Rap Battle of History, Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates feat. HAL 9000.