Diamondhead vs. Chromastone
Rap Album 4, Rap Battle7
Air date May 16, 2013
Written by EpicRory
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Diamondhead vs. Chromastone is the seventh rap battle of season four, the twenty-fifth rap battle overall, and is the last rap battle of season 4.


  • Diamondhead
  • Chromastone
  • Tetrax
  • Sugilite



Why hello there, green! My raps are better than yours, even more mean. This crying green shard of piss is gonna break down, even if you have no emotions, but you still act like a clown! Bring it on, loser! By the way, stop being a drug user!


Oh hey! It's my purple thin copy! So much tinier than me they should call you crystal Dobby! Seriously? Rainbow energy from a purple rock? That's way messed up dude, go suck my diamond cock! Your rhyming is a cruel joke, you can't beat me! I'm gonna throw you purple ass right into the sea.

(Thunder crashes)


What the...


What was that?

(Tetrax jumps down into the surface, between Diamondhead and Chromastone)


This battle isn't over yet, it didn't even start, I'll tell you guys why it's wrong, for the most part! Let's start with YOU there! Green guy! Copying my look, you're a big lie! Reformed by a dead Chromastone, you got bad luck! Your raps just want me to throw you into the muck! And what about YOU, tiny purple man! You're raps are crap, both of you are no match for Tetrax's might, not even Sugilite!

(A multi-colored beam shows up, revealing another Chrystalsapien)


All your big boy toys did not just put into this, unless you really wanted to be painfully dissed. My power is better than all of yours combined, you're all fails, just go out and fly a kite. You two are green treehuggers, you are a rainbow copycat, I'm the boss, and you all made a mistake to make me cross!


  • This battle's lyrics are in the form of Rasputin vs. Stalin.
  • This is the first battle to have two of the same species for both opponents.