Kickin Hawk vs. Four Arms
Rap Album 5, Rap Battle13
Air date May 26, 2013
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Kickin Hawk vs. Four Arms is the thirteenth rap battle in the fifth season, and is the thirty-eighth battle overall. It aired on May 26, 2013.


  • Kickin Hawk
  • Four Arms


Four ArmsEdit

I got the baddest four arms of fun that the Khoros never saw. Beat four Null Guardians and mothafuckas with claws. How can you talk more shit with my fist in your beak? Don't need words to serve ya, I'm a just saw HURAHAAHAAH! Your uses they bore us, they're slow as a tortoise, I'm the king of fist fights, I could fuck up Chuck Norris. I invented the Sonic Clap so taste my leotard shoe! Taste my four finger push up, kung F U!

Kickin HawkEdit

You scream like a dog and got moves like badger, so I'll rip through your ass faster than the Sumo Master. You're in the gym too much, Hogan, perfecting punches. You should spend more time using your fists to make lunches. You don't belong in a fight, you belong in a sweat shop, so go ahead, *spits*, Make my arcade shop. Those little dances you do don't threaten me, dude, fuck you I jump, kick, and punch better than you!

Four ArmsEdit

I beat the good, bad, you must be the ugly! I would mess up your gace, but Liam did it for me! Go stroke a cock for your million dollar babies, you would be cool in the eighties but here, you're just crazy. A chicken that fights with a squid that didn't do anything, is more fit to rap against this fuckin ring!

Kickin HawkEdit

Do ya feel lucky, punk? That's what I'm askin. You can't be too tough you got beat by our cousin. With your four fist punch, you're all brawn and no brain. Leave the rappin to me, stick to gettin dealed pain. I beat you in round two but that be unbelievable, no one of your species ever amounted to be in a sequel.


  • This battle's lyrics are based on the twenty-fifth Epic Rap Battle of History, Clint Eastwood vs. Bruce Lee.