Nanite Alpha vs V. V. Argost
Rap Album 8, Rap Battle1
Air date TBA
Written by Richard
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Electric Royale
Proctor Servantis vs Professor Chadwick

Nanite Alpha vs V. V. Argost is the first battle in season eight.


  • Nanite Alpha
  • V. V. Argost


  • Both characters had appeared in other franchises, but had also appeared in Ben 10. Alpha started with Generator Rex and Ben 10 at the same time, so he was introduced to both franchises, automatically becoming a villain to both, in Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United. Argost started in Secret Saturdays, but then entered the Ben 10 franchise in T.G.I.S.
  • This is the first time the ERBOA logo overlaps one of the characters in the picture.


The two villains from the Ben 10 crossovers (who coincidentally share last names that start with A) battle it out to find out who is the greater villain.