Original Series vs Alien Force
Rap Album 7, Rap Battle3
OS vs AF
Air date TBA
Written by Richard
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Lodestar vs Gravattack
Swampfire vs Season 3

Original Series vs Alien Force is the third battle of season seven, and it is used to decide who is the better group of ten: The Original, or the Alien Force.


  • Heatblast (Fire brick lyrics)
  • Wildmutt (Orange lyrics)
  • Diamondhead (Turquoise lyrics)
  • XLR8 (Blue lyrics)
  • Grey Matter (Grey lyrics)
  • Four Arms (Crimson lyrics)
  • Stinkfly (Yellow green lyrics)
  • Ripjaws (Sea green lyrics)
  • Upgrade (Green lyrics)
  • Ghostfreak (Ectoplasm lyrics)
  • Swampfire (Dark green lyrics)
  • Echo Echo (White lyrics)
  • Humungosaur (Peru lyrics)
  • Jetray (Red lyrics)
  • Big Chill (Steel blue lyrics)
  • Chromastone (Indigo lyrics)
  • Brainstorm (Brown lyrics)
  • Spidermonkey (Navy lyrics)
  • Goop (Lime lyrics)
  • Alien X (Black lyrics)



I spit rhymes hotter than my fire.

Step to me, you'll get burnt like Corvo's tire.

Yeah, I lit up the woods, I won't be a liar.

Before you do anything, a debate is required.

I break a Crystal like Vilgax.

Make bigger flames than the chin of Alien X.

You best give up, you alien runts.

Cause now, I'm passin the mic to my man, Wildmutt.


[Begins to make roaring sounds.]


Let me translate, he said you all lost the feel of Ben 10.

A brown dinosaur and yelling semen.

A wise man once said your art style sucks.

If you told me he was wrong, it'd prove you have the brains of ducks.

No diversity, Petrosapians look like me.

But the point I'm gettin at is that we're better, see?


I'll kick your face so hard, you'll be as stupid as Season 3.

I got the fastest raps ever, you can't step to me.

You keep failing at dry humor, I'll be chililng in the arcade.

We're gonna beat you so hard, you'll be wishing you were never made!

Grey MatterEdit

Your Kevin origins were retconned into a joke.

I'm a frog-like alien, but you can't make me croak.

You argue with yourself, and you need a Big Chill pill.

Brainstorm, do your name and realize I'm the higher intellectual.

Four ArmsEdit

You'll lose this battle like Manny lost his hand.

Four Arms to two, you're no match for this Tetramand.


Spittin out rhymes sicker than my goop.

I press a button and I'll make a splat pile of Goop.

Rotten eggs and sugar water, yeah, that's my breakfast.

Like my stench, my rhymes are reckless!





Description Edit

The Original 10 battle the Teen 10 aliens in order to settle the score between the two rivalring groups.


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