Snare-Oh vs. Wildvine
Rap Album 4, Rap Battle4
Air date March 16, 2013
Written by EpicRory
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Snare-Oh vs. Wildvine is the fourth rap battle of the fourth season, and is the twenty-second battle overall. It aired on March 16, 2013.


  • Snare-Oh
  • Wildvine



Hey lookie here, it's the little magic wad of toilet paper. I don't feel like pooping now, maybe later? This is Wildvine here, a living jungle! I have better things to do than watch you mumble. You and your trio of haunted loners, can go back and watch porn and get boners. You're a filthy garbage can of someone with the sniffles, powered by a rock that's oh-so little.


You talk about my appearance, but do not be fooled! I'm strong and powerful, you're a gardening tool. All you do is stretch and stretch, but us other creatures are as powerful as a mech. You look like the Amazon gone wrong! All you do is just becoming more long.  I'll throw you into the recycle bin of tragedy, cause you're the living entity, of the garden of agony.


No really, I look like a plant? You're as creative as a dog and a man. Your first appearance was at the barn, but you were evil and was silent, not even a snarl. At least I stretch, but what do you do? You do the same but look like something that would wrap-up poo. This Amazon gone wrong may be green, but at least I'm not a paperboy, that's really mean. Your original name was rejected by a teen, changed into Snare-Oh, still sounds like rotten beans. You're a henchman of a scary little ghost. But I'm the one that raps the most.


Your face, looks like a total disaster! Not evil anymore, But I'm still the master. I'm gonna end this battle right now, cause obviously I'm the one to take the crown.