Ultimate Big Chill vs. Ultimate Echo Echo
Rap Album 5, Rap Battle11
Air date May 25, 2013
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Ultimate Big Chill vs. Ultimate Echo Echo is the eleventh battle in the fifth season, and is the thirty-sixth battle overall. It aired on May 25, 2013.


  • Ultimate Big Chill
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Cannonbolt


Ultimate Echo EchoEdit

I'm someone who loathes you, Chill, now fly up hear and rhyme. I only brought you hear so I could beat you as if it were a second time. Roar like Blitzwolfer, shoot you like John Wilkes Boothe or someone else like that. I shout loud crap, so high frequencies, I make you hide like currencies. I'm a certified Ultimate Sonarosian, Necro, so suck on this! I'm gonna enjoy watching you fail, so let me help out with one of my wails.

Ultimate Big ChillEdit

You look stressed, Echo. You probably took a vacation to the ghetto! I mean you, leading the papparazi of sound disks? What the hell? You probably got the amount of brains as them, aswell. You got a few of my originals beaten, then got overused. Now you're forgotten and not even used. Uchk, stopped some missiles? You should have got shot by a pistol! Use some of your "power" to stop the king and his Misses! Everything you do is an Echo Fail! Now stand at the mirror, and be frozen to hell! What's wrong, Ulti? Can't take anymore? Not surprising coming from the Techadon's whore! Yeah, yeah take that!

Ultimate Echo EchoEdit

  • laughing*

Ultimate Big ChillEdit

Where is the DJ? Why are you laughing?


Because you're standing in front of the Mdykl'dy hammer!

Ultimate Big ChillEdit



  • This battle's lyrics are based on the sixteenth Epic Rap Battle of History, Darth Vaser vs. Adolf Hitler 2.