Let's turn up the heat.

(NRG will literally turn up the heat)

Get ready Water Hazard, cause your bout to be beat!

(NRG is warning Water Hazard to be ready to be defeated)

NRG is what powers this world.

(A pun on his name: Energy (where NRG comes from) is what powers almost, if not everything, in this world)

Water only gets swirled & twirled.

(Reference to the water purification plants)

No more will water bring down my heat.

(Water puts heat out)

I will make your liquid evaporate!

(Radioactive particles and fire can make water evaporate)

Water Hazard:Edit

Whirlpools take you to the ocean.

(Water Hazard has hydrokinesis, control of water, so he could make whirlpoos that could take NRG to the ocean)

Water is the healthy potion.

(Water is the healthiest of all drinks)

NRG burns fossil feuls.

(T'is true)

At least I don't make ozone holes!

(Refering to greenouse gases, although most are not radiactive)

Run while you can in that big metal suit!

(Water Hazard has now turned the tables and is warning NRG)

Or else I'll make water go up your radioactive poop shute!

(Again, a warning)