XLR8 vs. Fasttrack 3
Rap Album 4, Rap Battle5
Air date March 23, 2013
Written by EpicRory
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XLR8 vs. Fasttrack 3 is the fifth rap battle in the fourth season, the twenty-third battle overall, and is a sequel to both XLR8 vs. Fasttrack and XLR8 vs. Fasttrack 2.


  • XLR8
  • Fasttrack



Whoosh, Boosh, I'm XLR8! I'm so great, used by Ben even before you appeared, mate. You. You copied me! Same color, same power, just go. Flee. All they did to make the difference, super strength. That's it. By the end of this, you'll be bent.


Hey look, it's XLR8. Not used anymore, that's why he's in a rage. I am used because I'm better than you. All the fans like me, you will too! Fasttrack's the best, better than the rest! All the original aliens belong in the "oldies" section, just like you. I'm pro! Everyone forgets about you, I'm you're worst nightmare, that's true.